Participants, Want the skinny of getting in and getting out of Black Rock City? Well then, you've come to the right place!


What do I need to know about arriving at Burning Man?
We’re glad you asked! Here’s a summary of the process:
  1. On your way to Burning Man, please drive safely and be considerate while passing through local towns. Speeding, parking on highway shoulders, and unsafe driving are safety hazards and could threaten the future of the event. We are guests in their community, so be extra courteous and obey the law.
  2. Plan your arrival so that you show up at the Gate after opening. We cannot allow people who show up early to wait in town (see #1 above).
  3. During peak traffic periods we will be controlling traffic with highway flaggers along Hwy 447 before the Gerlach gas station. Past experience has shown that long lines at the gas station have caused unsafe conditions. Watch for signs and flaggers on the road; they are fellow Burning Man volunteers helping to make your arrival safer! Please fill up in Fernley/Wadsworth (or other areas) and help reduce the traffic backup in Gerlach.
  4. As you approach the Burning Man entrance from the highway, tune your radio to 95.1 FM for Gate Information Radio! We will be broadcasting up to date info about the entry process. Not sure why there is a backup or how to get to will call? Tune in!
  5. Drive no more than 5-10mph on Gate Road! We have volunteers working out there and the dust can make it hard for you to see them. Speeding also causes ruts in the road, and that’s a bummer for your suspension.
  6. We place signs along your approach to the Gate. They have helpful information, please read them.
  7. Stay in your vehicle. We cannot emphasize that enough. Don’t wander along the road looking for will call or exploring the desert. If you need to go to will call, your entire vehicle should go with you. Don’t risk losing your friends.
  8. About 1/4 mile before you reach the Gate you will come to a set of small kiosks we call the ‘Apex.’ During busy times there will be Gate staff here to direct you. There is an empty zone just after the "Apex" that will allow vehicles in any lane to turn into the Will Call lot.
  9. Upon reaching the Gate your tickets will be torn and your car searched. Plan ahead for the search and know what items are prohibited.
  10. After completing the Gate process we will send you down the road to the Greeters, who will give you a map, answer your questions, and give you a hug if you’re lucky.
Now that I know the process...what are your top 10 tips?
  1. Knowing that your vehicle will be searched and that there may be heavy traffic, plan ahead to make the process as smooth as possible.
  2. Respect your fellow Burners and local residents. Drive slowly and safely, and be considerate of others. Think about how your actions affect those around you.
  3. Be patient. Chances are that many other Burners will decide to show up when you do, and with a single two lane rural highway leading to a single entry point, expect to wait. If the weather gets bad we may have to close the Gate. When will it reopen? When Mother Nature decides.
  4. Carpool! Fewer vehicles = less traffic = shorter wait times = better for the environment. Winning!
  5. Stay in your vehicle while on Gate Road, even if only one person in your vehicle needs to go to Will Call. Losing your vehicle sucks (yes, it really happens). Gate staff have a lot to keep track of, and it really helps us do our job more efficiently if everyone stays with their vehicles.
  6. Don’t show up early. We cannot let you camp at the Gate. When the Gate opens, we give will give priority to those who show up on time. This means that if you show up early and we have to stage you somewhere, you will get in later than if you showed up on time.
  7. If you don’t have a ticket, do not show up at the event. There is a closure order issued by the BLM and you must have a valid ticket to be inside of it. If you are at the Gate without a ticket, you will be told to leave or risk citation from the BLM.
  8. Be well informed:  read up to date info on the Burning Man website and in the JRS. Know what items are prohibited, know what you need for early arrivals, and if you are a camp or project expecting deliveries, know about that process far in advance.
  9. Educate your fellow Burners by sharing this information with your campmates and friends. During your entry and exit, help fellow Burners through the process by respectfully teaching them the *right* way to do it.
  10. Want to be part of the solution? Gate is a large department that is growing each year due to increases in the size and scope of our operations. Like all other aspects of Burning Man, we rely on participants to volunteer in order to make Gate, Perimeter and Exodus happen each year!
When is the best time to arrive to avoid those long entry lines?
Typically we see the longest lines in the first 24 hours of opening.
If you think that showing up right when the Gate opens will allow you to beat the rush, you’re wrong; tens of thousands of other people have the same idea. If you arrive during these hours, expect a long wait at the Gate and pack an extra dose of patience.

We know you want to experience the dusty playa as soon as you can, but if you can wait a day, you will find your wait time to be much shorter. On all days but opening night, you will find the shortest lines in the early morning hours, generally from 3am-10am.
Can I show up early, before the Gate “opens?”
No! Our permit stipulations issued by the Bureau of Land Management do not allow participants to arrive before the Gate opens, except for those who are involved in set up and have prior permission. We make an agreement with them about when the event starts, so if we allow people in early, then we would be breaking that agreement.

Also consider this: The pre-event period is when we are building the city, which means there are construction sites and heavy machinery that can be dangerous. Participants wandering the playa will slow down the set up process. We do not yet have the resources to handle participants (medical, staffing, ice, etc.), and people showing up too early taxes the resources we do have.
Well, what if I decide to show up early anyway?
You're entire vehicle will be turned away and sent back to Reno. Showing up early may cause you to get into the event later than if you show up on time (really, we mean it). When people show up early, it requires additional attention from our staff, and that means we may have to stick you out in a lot somewhere while we give our attention to the participants who followed the rules.

Seriously, it overtaxes our staff and makes things suck for you and us. We know you are excited, but we also want your entry to be as easy as possible.
Can I drive out to Gerlach earlier in the day and just wait in town or along the road until the Gate opens?
NO, NO, NO! This is the worst thing you can do. Under no circumstances should you wait on the side of the road anywhere along highway 447 or 34, or in Gerlach. This is a serious safety hazard and places our event at risk. The road shoulders need to be kept clear for emergency vehicles, and out of the respect for the local residents please do not park in town.
I hear that you sometimes open the Gate early without telling anyone. What’s up with that?
The Gate opening time is set by our permit stipulations. In a perfect world where we could control all elements of the environment, traffic and human behavior, we would open the Gate at exactly the same time each year. But this is Burning Man. In the Black Rock Desert. Sometimes things happen.

The Gate, Perimeter and Exodus Department of Burning Man has the responsibility and authority to manage ingress and egress of participants while also taking into account public and staff safety, real-time assessment of traffic flow on Route 447 & Route 34, and vehicle congestion in Gerlach. The possible reasons for an on the ground adjustment to the opening time are many and varied, and could result in either a delay or in us letting some vehicles into the event early, if the situation warrants. For the best chance at a smooth entry process, plan your arrival for after the Gate opens.
What will make my entry through the Gate easier?
Be prepared; When you roll up to the playa, have your ticket and any applicable paperwork (copy of mutant vehicle registration, early arrival pass, etc.) in your hand. Not your friend’s hands, not in your trunk, not in your friend named Hans’ trunk. Be prepared to show your ticket to the Gate volunteer as soon as you hit the gravel (heck, get it ready in Gerlach!).

Your car will be searched at the Gate. If you pack accordingly (and yes, we will want to get to the back of your box truck and have you open that big container) it will make it easier on everyone, which means you get through faster. If you have a large vehicle or a lot of stuff, we appreciate it when you help us during the search. Read the Survival Guide and know what items are not allowed into BRC (firearms, fireworks, dogs, plants, MOOP-creating material, unregistered mutant vehicles, and motorcycles or other vehicles that are not your primary transportation).
What if I need to go to Will Call/Box Office?
The following steps should help make your Box Office visit smoother:
  1. Upon arrival, do NOT proceed to the Gate to be searched if you do not have your tickets in hand for all people in the car.
  2. The exact location of Will Call changes depending on the placement of the city and design of Gate Road (which in itself takes many factors into consideration). But have no fear! We have set up the process such that you can access the Will Call lot from ANY lane on Gate Road. Before you get to the Gate, you will reach a point we call the “Apex,” which is demarcated by kiosks and a gap in the traffic just ahead. During busy times ther will e a staff person there directing you. When traffic is light, you will see a large sign directing you to Will Call; drive slowly and you can make the turn into this lot from ANY lane!
  3. Go to Will Call/Box Office, get your tickets and return to your vehicle
  4. Guide your vehicle back into the entry lines via the marked lane from the Will Call lot.
  5. Proceed to the Gate for vehicle search and entry into the City!
Do not add an hour (or more!) to your wait time by not following the steps above!
Remember, everyone in your vehicle must have a ticket in hand when you reach the Gate or your entire vehcile will be turned around and sent back to Box Office to sort things out.
Can I run and get my ticket at Will Call while the rest of my crew waits in line?
NO! Too many times we see people who lose their vehicle; there is a better chance than you would expect that it will happen to you too. We don’t allow people to walk in the lanes for safety reasons, and if you wander outside of the fence we may think you are trying to sneak in. That takes our attention away from processing vehicles, which slows things down for everyone Take a few extra minutes to have your whole vehicle go into the Will Call lot; it sure beats standing in the dust for hours trying to find your ride.
I keep hearing about a speed limit of 5 mph on Gate Road, is that really true?
Why yes, it is. The faster you drive on Gate Road, the more dust your vehicle kicks up and the more your tires break up the hard packed playa and turn it into fine powder and create deep ruts in the road. Much of that dust ends up blowing into the city during high winds.
Gate staff are out in the lanes 24 hours a day, breathing that dust. If you are going too fast, you are more likely to injure our crew, especially when it’s dark or dusty. For the health and safety of the volunteers who help you to get into BRC, don’t be a “Speedy Spencer.” Please obey the 5 mph speed limit!
Woo hoo, I made it to the playa! Can I start the party while I am waiting in line?
Nope! If by party you mean break open a cold one, then no for sure. Gate Road is subject to driving laws like any other road. You can get cited by law enforcement for having an open container in the vehicle, even if the driver is not the one drinking. Every year people get pulled over and cited. Don’t let this happen to you.
What if I am a staff member or a person approved to enter early for set up, what do I need?
If you are arriving before Will Call opens (which is Wednesday pre-event at noon) you MUST have a physical ticket in hand. Everyone must have a ticket for entry, even you. If you show up without a ticket in hand before Will Call opens, you will have to wait at the Gate until your manager or point of contact can deal with the situation. Sometimes this means overnight or for many, many hours. No matter how much you beg us, we cannot let you in without a ticket.

If you are arriving before the Gate opens to the public, you must have an early arrivals pass (the one with the barcode) for entry. Every person in your vehicle must also have a valid barcode, they are not “good for two.” A valid early arrivals pass for everyone in your vehicle is required for entry.

You must print this pass before you arrive at the Gate - we cannot print it for you and we do not accept passes on your phone/computer.

If you are unsure about whether you have the right credentials, talk to your manager before you leave for the playa! They issue these credentials. If you show up at the Gate without the right credentials, we will attempt to help you solve the issue, but we will not let you in without a ticket and an early arrivals pass.
Hey man, I totally cannot afford a ticket this year. But I plan to get to the Gate and see if I can manifest a miracle through generous gifts from the community. Is that cool?
Please don’t. Please make your miracles happen before you get to the Gate. All too often people who end up at the Gate without money to buy tickets will end up trying to sneak in or will start to suffer from dehydration or worse. As much as we feel for your cause, you will not be allowed to sit at the Gate without a ticket. You will probably get mad at us for asking you to leave, but with a little bit of planning and radical self-reliance we can all get what we want.
I know I don’t have the right paperwork, but it’s not very Burner of you to make me wait here for so long. I’ve been on the road for two days and I’m tired, can’t you just let me in? You guys are kinda mean, what’s up with that?
The Gate’s job is to make sure that everyone who enters has a ticket, the right paperwork if applicable, and does not possess any prohibited items. If you show up without the proper credentials, or you have prohibited items, we can’t let you in no matter how much you beg.

We will attempt to help you sort out your issue and tell you what your options are. It’s true, sometimes we are curt with our instructions. Usually that happens during our busiest times, when we are dealing with long lines and people doing things they are not supposed to, and managing multiple issues simultaneously, including some that may impact the safety of our crew and other participants. Sometimes we don’t have the time to explain why; sometimes we just need you to follow our instructions at that moment. Remember, all the instructions you’ll get at the Gate are available far in advance on the Burning Man website.
We’re sorry in advance if we don’t have time to chat!

Our staff are volunteers and fellow Burners working to help you get into BRC. They are doing their best in difficult situations under difficult circumstances to help make Burning Man happen. Be patient, play nice and wait your turn. Cutting in line and running through fences will guarantee that you get into the event a lot later than you planned.


In 2011, why did it take so long to get out of Burning Man on Monday?  Why did you let the Exodus get so bad?
The short answer is this:  Very few people left on Sunday.  We speculate this occurred primarily due to two factors:
  1. the weather was great
  2. the Temple was awesome.
No one wanted to leave on Sunday and MASSIVE numbers of people left on Monday (which was why Exodus times were very long).

Here’s the dealio:  There are a finite number of vehicles that can get out of Burning Man and onto Highway 34 per hour. This is a fixed number, and probably won’t change any time in the near future. In our current configuration, the ONLY THING that can make the wait shorter is to have fewer vehicles leave BRC at the same time (i.e., people spread out their departures and leave at off-peak times).
When is the best time to leave if I want to avoid the line?
Every year is a little different, and some years are so unpredictably different that we hesitate to make a solid suggestion. Example: Sunday at 3PM is a terrible time to leave. History shows us that the line on Sunday at 3PM has peaked near 5 hours camp-to-highway. But, on Sunday in 2011 at 3PM, it was only a 45 minute drive to the highway!
So how do you pick a time? Listen to the community. If everyone you talk to says they are staying to watch the Temple burn on Sunday night, then Monday is going to have very long wait times. If there is a major storm predicted for the weekend (as was the case in 2010), then a bunch of people will probably leave on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Any time before the Man burns
  • Sunday between 2AM and 5AM
  • Monday between 2AM and 5AM
  • Early morning on Tuesday
What is this Pulsing thing I keep hearing about?
Pulsing is a system of moving vehicles at regular intervals toward the highway on Gate Road to avoid the long slow creep forward that challenges the sanity of even the most patient among us.
With Pulsing, vehicles are allowed to stop and turn off their engines (from an hour to 15 minutes depending on how close you are to the front), then are “pulsed” forward all at once. We generally implement Pulsing during the peak driving hours on Sunday and Monday.
The explanation as to how it specifically operates gets technical, but if you are interested in how we make it work, see HERE.
Does Pulsing get me out quicker?
Nope! The length of time it takes to get out is dictated by the number of cars and the carrying capacity of Highway 34. Pulsing does nothing to affect either of those factors.
Pulsing does accomplish two objectives:
  1. It makes the Exodus more enjoyable for the masses since they are allowed to take a break and mingle with their neighbors during stopped periods. Instead of creeping along, you get to stop for an hour at a time and create ONE HOUR NEIGHBORHOODS! (See a participant’s explanation of this idea: HERE.)
  2. It saves a lot of fuel; rough estimates put the numbers somewhere above 50,000 gallons of fuel saved if 60% of the total number of vehicles go through 4 pulse cycles
Feedback from the past two years confirms we were successful on #1, and the math suggests we were successful on #2.
What are you doing about lane changing during Exodus, and unfairness along Gate Road?
On Fairness:  We work very, very hard to set up fair systems on Gate Road and back into BRC. We use mathematical modeling to ensure merge fairness, load balancing, and system stability. And 95% of the time, things work as planned. Occasionally something weird happens:
  • A vehicle breaks down and instead of traffic deciding to go around the vehicle, they merge with the lane next to them.  BAD!
  • Someone moves some cones and starts an unauthorized merge.  BAD!
  • Someone gets out of their vehicle and tries to set up a system that they think/feel is fair.  BAD!
We try to enforce the system with signage (Use All Lanes, Do Not Merge, Merge Here, Stay In Your Lane, etc.). We constantly monitor traffic patterns for irregularities (there are 8 lanes, but only 7 lines of cars&hellips;why?). We quickly remedy problems. But we cannot be everywhere at once, and well-intentioned people sometimes subvert our systems.
On Lane Changing:  Years and years of driving experience tell drivers to change into the lane that is moving faster or is open. And in a normal traffic system, this is what you want drivers to do to ensure system balance. Unfortunately, on Gate Road when a vehicle is stopped and the line behind is not going around them, people from adjacent lanes fill the void left in front of the stopped vehicle.
So what can you do?
  1. Use all available lanes on Gate Road until you hit the back-up. If you see that there are 8 lanes (which there are), but see only 6 lines of cars and 2 lanes completely open, USE THEM. All lanes on Gate Road during Exodus are outbound lanes, always, always, always.
  2. Once you are in the 8-lane-wide back-up, if the vehicle in front of you is stopped, and traffic in front of it has moved on in a Pulse, go around the stopped vehicle. Do not change lanes! Do not merge into the lane next to you. Go around the stopped vehicle, and stay in your same lane. (All Gate Road lanes are 20 feet wide FOR THIS REASON!)
  3. If a lane is open next to you because a vehicle is stopped or broken down, despite your inclination, do not fill into it unless an Exodus staff member directs you to. That open space is for the people behind the stopped vehicle! If you merge into an open lane in the back-up, you are making the system unfair and being a jerk.
  4. Ultimately we must rely on the community to police itself and ensure that their fellow participants are respecting the process. If you see people cheating the system, say something! There is no way for us to monitor all of Gate Road for lane changing...nor do we want to be the traffic police. YOU can help make it fair by informing people about the process and making sure they follow it.
Why can’t you guys just make another exit so we don’t have to wait so long?
The answer is simple...all roads lead to the same 2-lane Nevada Highway 34/447. All that traffic still has to merge somewhere. Having more exits would not affect how many cars can travel on the one lane out of town, and therefore it would not make your trip faster. It would also be more dangerous to have the merge on the highway when it is not under the control of our trained Flaggers and staff. Our stipulations with the Bureau of Land Management dictate what the entry/exit point is, and they only allow for one.
Can you allocate a different exit for people going north on Highway 34, and also for people heading north on Highway 447?
Currently there is only one BLM authorized exit off the playa. No other exits are allowed by our stipulations. The logistics and staffing requirements to implement an alternative exit for folks headed north on Highway 34 would cost us more than the benefit realized&hellips;an extremely small percentage of traffic leaves via 34 North. Our energy and resources will have a greater positive effect on a greater number of people if we focus them on other issues.
Additionally, if we could create a Highway 34 Northbound exit, we run the risk of people abusing it by starting up 34 North, making a U-turn, then heading south. The incentive for them to be dishonest would be large (they would skip the entire Exodus line) and it would actually slow down the Exodus for everyone else because we would have to stop all cars leaving Gate Road to allow them to pass through on Highway 34 South. Folks intending to go Highway 447 North toward Cedarville, Oregon and Washington still have to use Highway 34 like everyone else. There is no benefit to the system in letting them out before anyone else, because they have to share Highway 34 with the rest of the traffic once off-playa (if only to Gerlach, but still the same road).
Why can’t you use both lanes (both directions) on 34 to speed things up?
If we used both sides of Highway 34, there would be no way to get vehicles (especially emergency vehicles) from Gerlach to Black Rock City (and to points north of BRC). Besides, those two lanes would need to merge to one at some point (we can’t run side-by-side all the way to Reno!), which puts us right back to where we started. It wouldn’t save would just move where the final merge happens. Remember, there are local residents in the area who still need these roads. It isn’t all about Burning Man!
Is there any way to speed up how fast vehicles get on to the highway?
There are a few. The best way is to have positive control of the intersection of the gravel top of Gate Road and Nevada Highway 34. We control that intersection about 18 hours a day on Sunday and Monday with Nevada-Certified Highway Flaggers. With their stop/slow paddles, they make it possible for vehicles to enter the highway without stopping to check if it is is always clear because the Flaggers stop all other traffic.
The second way is to run two lanes of traffic right up to the edge of the highway, then quickly alternate them out onto the highway. We do this about 50% of the time...if we did it 100% of the time, we would exceed the carrying capacity of the highway. The speed limit through Gerlach is 25mph, so if we allowed vehicles to exit the playa more quickly the resulting backups would move from the playa into town, and that could lead to additional traffic issues. This would be bad.
You should set up a system where people can register for a departure time and give them an "express" lane (or some version of a priority/regulated system). Those who miss their window or don’t register would have to wait longer.
This suggestion has made its way to us every year for many, many years now. And on the surface it looks very attractive. But, as is usually the case, the devil is in the details. Here are the primary reasons we have not implemented a reservation-based Exodus system:
  • Such a system takes a lot of people power (e.g., people to verify departure times, people to direct traffic, people to enforce the system) and a lot of resources (e.g. a registration system, building secure lanes for 5 miles of Gate Road that would prevent people from jumping into the wrong section)&hellips;more than we currently have.
  • Verifying registration would require slowing traffic before Gate Road, which will in turn slow down the rate at which people can get onto Gate Road. Without a significant redesign, traffic inside BRC could become gridlocked.
  • One thing we have learned about Burning Man is people rarely stick to their intended timeline. Camp clean up took longer than planned, you stayed up really late the night before, it took a while to track down your passengers, you couldn’t find your car keys, you just had to visit the ashes of the Man one more time, or myriad other possibilities that are so very common to the Burning Man experience. To get 50,000 people to stick to a specific window of time may very well be the most difficult part of this idea to solve.
  • Another thing our Gate experience tells us is that verifying Exodus registrations and enforcing ’rules’ will not be a cut-and-dried process. We will no doubt hear many stories (traffic to get from my camp at 2:00 was worse than I thought, but I really did leave in time! My camp-mate burned my registration slip in an offering to the Man but this really is my time window! I have a flight that leaves in a few hours, please I need to get out faster!). Each vehicle that pleads their case in turn holds up traffic for everyone else, and this ultimately will cause significant inefficiencies in the system.
  • Remember how we said this type of system would require a lot more people power? Despite our calls for help from the community, we continue to struggle to find enough people to manage the bare basics of Exodus (e.g. highway flaggers). We understand that most people are tired by the end of the event, and many need to get home. However, in order for us to continue to evolve the Exodus process, we need YOUR help. We need volunteers to help run all parts of this process. Everything that happens in BRC is created entirely by its citizens, including Exodus.
Some of the above issues could be overcome, but taken all together a system like this in an environment like Burning Man would be complex and expensive to implement and considerably more difficult to run efficiently.
What happens if I just decide to head across the playa and find my own exit?
Any vehicles found to be outside the perimeter of BRC or Gate Road are in violation of the Event Closure Area. Closure Area violations are ticketed by the BLM. They really are out there watching and you will be ticketed. Then you will be returned to the back of the Exodus line. Sounds fun, right? Also, some areas of the playa are thick mud hidden by a seemingly dry surface. Every year vehicles get stuck in that muck trying to escape the line. We laugh and point at the cheaters.
You need to have more people out there during Exodus! Are you guys too busy partying or did you already catch an airplane ride out? (we’ve gotten some snarky feedback over the years, so it seems you want to know about staffing issues)
Oh yeah? Well&hellips;come on out and join us as a volunteer! Or did you party too hard during the week to come help with Exodus?

All snarkiness aside, staffing during Exodus is a major challenge for us. And it is for the reasons you are thinking. It’s the end of the event. Everyone is exhausted and just wants to go home and take a shower. No one wants to stand out in the sun and the dust. And yet, Exodus can’t run without volunteers. So, sign up and come out. It’s actually quite a fun job with a great crew.

The Exodus & Traffic group is actually one part of the larger Gate, Perimeter and Exodus/Traffic department. It’s managed by the same crew that has been out on the playa for weeks, running a 24-hour operation. So no, we were not partying.
I just really hate sitting in my car during Exodus, isn’t there any way it can be better?
YES! You can volunteer with Exodus! Not only does this mean that you will get to be outside moving around while others are waiting in that line, but you will also be contributing to making this process better for our community.
Burning Man’s very existence depends upon on people generously gifting their time, energy, and resources to make the event happen, and this doesn’t end with Exodus. Think Exodus can be better? Then help make it happen!
Alternatively, you can help make the Exodus experience better for you and your fellow Burners! Use the time in line to meet new people and help other secure their loads.
The road out during Exodus was really bumpy. What’s the deal?
That’s what happens to Playa when 26,000 vehicles drive over it, especially at speeds over 10 MPH. We do try to maintain the surface with watering, but watering has it’s limit. The slower you drive coming into and going out of the event, the less Gate Road is torn up.
What can be done about all of the dangerous lane passing on the highway?
We do a lot to educate people of the dangers of passing on Highway 447. And we refuse to believe that the people who are doing the passing do not know it’s dangerous. They know. They have to. All we can do is keep telling people. Maybe next year we will print a billboard with the image of one of the terrible accidents that occurred on Highway 447 after the event, as a graphic reminder to those who would risk everything to get to Reno 10 seconds earlier. Do you think it would work?
Is there a place I can dump my trash on the way home?
There are many authorized locations that will happily take your trash and recycling for you. See HERE!
As tempting as it may seem, you may not dump your trash in privately-owned dumpsters or dumpsters at stores and commercial centers. Every year we get complaints from local citizens about this issue. And if you dump your trash on the side of the highway you are ultimately making others in your community clean up after you, and that is truly unprincipled and lame.
Why do I see trash along the side of the highway after the event?
We encourage participants to secure their loads properly. Many do. A small percentage do not. And a small percentage of 20,000+ vehicles is still a lot. Please act responsibly and make sure to pack your loads, including trash, securely!