Gate Managers and Shift Leads

Gate Managers and Shift Leads oversee on-playa Gate operations on a per-shift basis, managing the team of volunteers working on their shift.

Shift Leads direct all activities of the Gate and perform all aspects of basic Gate Operations They resolve and troubleshoot problems and conflicts at the Gate, and serve as the main point of contact on radio for other Burning Man departments.

Gate Managers

Exit Wound

Gate Operations Manager

Sometimes you just gotta did they get their playa name?

Aye, and therein lies a story of epic proportions.

Exit's distinctive drawl can be heard cutting through the blistering heat on most days, as he whips the lanes into shape.


Assistant Gate Operations Manager

  • Hometown - Black Rock City.
  • Gate age - 7 years.
  • Favorite Color - Black.
  • Favorite Symbol - Skull & Crossbones.
  • Favorite Shape - 360's in the dust.
  • Favorite Car - The Golden Showers.
  • Favorite Band - Justin Timberlake.
  • Hobbies - Playing with lighter fluid, pirates, hot springs, long walks in the dust, climbing, whiskey, clowns, good times, and searching cars.


D-Lot Supervisor

Tiara became Lot Manager in 2008, inheriting dominion over the D-Lot, Will Call, and Staging lots from Wilde Childe.

In addition to training Lot volunteers, she works as a problem solver to expedite BRC entry for participants and vehicles that have issues at the Gate. Tiara and her team provide logistical support to connect crucial deliveries to on-playa projects and deal with all manner of issues related to early arrival and ticketing.

She and her crew partner with Placement, DPW Dispatch and the Rangers to try to resolve problems to the satisfaction of all. She is responsible for developing policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment in the lots for team members and participants alike. She also acts as a liaison with law enforcement agencies to handle scalpers, trespassers, and participants involved in any other activities not allowed at the event.

Tiara began her lengthy transition from khaki to the dark side back in 2004, riding along on Perimeter shifts. She still treasures the piranha medallion she received from her Perimeter Shift Lead upon catching her first ticketless intruder. The following year she decided to check out Gate operations and was fatefully sent to assist Wilde Childe. Back then, chaos reigned in the D-lot, but Tiara quickly instituted a take-a-number system to calm the crowd and ensure that people would be listened to in the order they arrived, rather than paying attention to the loudest or most obnoxious.

Something of an overachiever, Tiara also volunteered briefly in the Cafe´, as a Greeter, and has been a Black Rock Ranger since 2003. Her tenure with the Rangers included Dirt shifts, Mentoring, Sanctuary assistance, Intercept duty, and conducting numerous trainings around the US. She joined the ranks of Burning Man Senior Staff, as the Ranger Communications Manager, from 2008 through 2009. In her spare time, she has organized theme camps, a village, and prepared large quantities of sushi, Thai food, and live lobster for her friends on playa.


D-Lot Assistant Supervisor

  • Gate since 2009
  • Pyromaniac since birth
  • Entertainer of the Year - Black Rock City 2009-2012
  • Favorite quote: Nothing is sexier than waking up with clown makeup on your inner thighs."


Will-Call Lot Supervisor

I'm called Crybaby. I enjoy long walks by the fire.

Recreational activities include, but are NOT limited to:

  • Keeping people out of BRC
  • Keeping people inside of BRC
  • Instructing new volunteers on the proper techniques and culture of Perimeter


Apex Supervisor

08/2006: Unintentional trespassing.
Location: Black Rock City.
Disposition: Dismissed with prejudice

08/2006 - 07/2011: Slander, defamation, and libel.
Injured Party: Burning Man.
Disposition: Community service reparations.

08/2011: Public nuisance.
Subject: Joined Gate Perimeter & Exodus
Defense: Entrapment.

08/2011: Un-attempted murder 1st degree, poisoning.
Victims: Sailor, Scarecrow.
Disposition: Promotion.

08/2012: Destruction of property.
Subject: Chairs.
Disposition: Horizontal.

08/2013: Grand theft pedalbike.
Disposition: Grilled cheese.

08/2014 - Present: Loitering, Gate Actual.
Disposition: Charges pending.


Apex Assistant Supervisor

Sole (rhymes with olè) can usually be found giggling in a black tube top, flaunting her brazen nipple rings, sipping on aged tequila, swatting fairies with her yoga mat and coaxing kundalini cobras out of the desert. Found refuge at Gate after being kicked out of a Hippie Commune for being too negative, she's a fierce Leo Sun, Scorpio Rising, Virgo Moon. One of the most fun, ridiculous, call you on your shit friends you'll ever have, with a dark side of the moon that will spin galaxies. She'll namaste you so hard you will fart rainbows all the way back to your camp questioning the real meaning of life and how the fuck you ended up in this sweaty, dusty, desolate desert full of sparkle ponies and naked dudes. But after coming across this 5'1" spicy brown chica screaming obscenities and questioning your first interaction with God, you WILL know why you came here and you will be activated from your root chakra to your pineal with power, truth, direction, and love for all beings from wolverines to centipedes.

May the Goddess be with you.

Gate Shift Leads


  • Hometown - Black Rock City.
  • Gate age - 7 years.
  • Favorite Color - Black.
  • Favorite Symbol - Skull & Crossbones.
  • Favorite Shape - 360's in the dust.
  • Favorite Car - The Golden Showers.
  • Favorite Band - Justin Timberlake.
  • Hobbies - Playing with lighter fluid, pirates, hot springs, long walks in the dust, climbing, whiskey, clowns, good times, and searching cars.

Dead Eye Dave

They say there’s one in every crowd, well that may be true, but the One that we have in this crowd is freakin Ninja. While Dave’s keeping an eye on the lanes, he’s got two in the back of his head watching you.


Gerbil has been Gate since he first ran out into the desert with some home town friends in 2000.

He likes to yell, says “what” a lot, and the more he gets on your nerves the more you know he loves you.

He is not so much in the tall department, but at least he can see over the dash.


Testing, testing, is thing on?...

Malice is the sneaky midnight ninja of the Gate crew. On those chilly desert nights, you'll see him leading his crew of graveshift diehards.


Moshe first attended BM in 1996, the last year it was cool, and he has been "over it" ever since although he does go every year and "pretends" to have the time of his life.

He was forced into a life of servitude at the gate by his cooler, meaner friends. An anomaly at the gate, he wears pastels, loves techno and hippies and considers himself a "mega-greeter".

In the real world, he is a stand-up comic, a boner-fied celebritay and is hella funny.


Mute is a shift lead. He doesn’t say all that much.

Naked Bob

He’s the only guy who works one of the toughest jobs in the nude.

Guess that means that he has the toughest ass as well. Yup Naked Bob--gotta love him!


Sylvain makes the annual pilgrimage to BRC to slap a fresh coat of red on his neck and keep participants on their toes with goodnatured hillbilly pranks. His hobbies include towing broken down vehicles out of gate lanes, hippy fishing, and luchadore wrestling.

D-Lot Leads


Drinking the Kool Aid since '99. She volunteers with Gate and works full-time for the Man (technology) during the rest of the year. She is the inventor of the 'Star Wars' shift on Perimeter and is married to that man behind the curtain (Grover).

In her spare time she enjoys playing in her kitchen, traveling, gardening, movies, camping and anything else fun she gets to do with her husband and dog. She has a life-time goal of convincing Larry to use 'Mexico, Mexico' as a theme for Burning Man.


Just killing time here until free nachos night starts.


Enjoys rocks, kittens, and your life story. All of it.


Kiosk first found her way to Burning Man in 2004. After various theme camps and a few years away, she finally came back to join the Gate, Perimeter & Exodus team in 2008. While she plays many roles in the department, she finds watching the unicorn cars roll through the desert the most satisfying.


  • Herding cars in and out of large stretches of desert through single lane highways
  • Visualizing the inner clown in her co-workers


  • Playing Frogger in the lanes


'I like black. I like dust. I like catching hippies under a starlit sky.'

He may come across as a grizzly, but get to know him and you may be allowed to see his silly, teddy-bear side. Kodiak had found peace working Perimeter enjoying the dawn, dusk, and night sky coloring the playa, occasionally intercepting folks who are lost, and enjoying the blessed quiet of the desert — well as much quiet as you can get when Daft Punk is throwing a party at the Trash Fence. (No, he's not going to tell you at which Point they throw down, nor when they are going to play this year.) Tiara eventually pulled him into D-Lot having worked with him in khaki at several regionals in the past.

Off shift he'll be wandering around watching the pretty lights and still being a little confused by all the crazy. Off playa, he'll be wandering around watching the pretty lights and still being a little confuse by all the crazy when he's not lost in a book, the mountains, or the woods.


After years of listening to people talk about this thing called "Burning Man" and wondering what all the fuss was about, Kristy finally made the trek to the Black Rock Desert in 2003 and was immediately awestruck by the larger than life scale of the event and the swiftness with which the playa destroyed her shade structure.

Kristy began volunteering in 2005 in order to figure out how this crazy gathering in the desert comes to be every year. Still able to picture that very first person she encountered after turning off the highway, she knew without question that Gate was where she wanted to be & to be that first person to welcome others. Plus, searching is fun.

In 2007 she took on the task of helping to organize people and things in the department (read: making lots of spreadsheets).She soon became the Volunteer Coordinator and her role has evolved organically every year since then. Currently she works throughout the year on the administrative, financial, organizational and strategic planning tasks of the department, which basically means she spends a lot of time trying to make sense out of chaos.

Kristy's non-Burning Man endeavors include traveling with the other freaks in her volunteer-run circus, perfecting her taste for Bourbon, and figuring out what she wants to be when she grows up. She is passionately curious, can out-question you to death, and is at optimum performance when she has one too many things to do, which is most of the time. It is her long-term goal to make hot pink the (un)official Gate color. She believes she is making progress.


Phlapjak has worked with Gate Perimeter & Exodus since his first Burn in 2007, when he was duped into hunting hippies with promises of "hot chicks, a cool t-shirt, and a backstage pass."

In 2008 as a member of the Gate Tech team, he helped rebuild the department's online scheduling system and has been working on it since. He also volunteers year-round for the department in various roles as volunteer wrangler, project manager and all-around administrative factotum.

On playa, Phlapjak can usually be found playing in the D-Lot and working in the lanes. Rumor has it that he splits his on-playa time with another department, but Gate always calls him back to its festering bosom. Like the ubiquitous Savoir-Faire of cartoon fame, he appears everywhere.

Phlapjak is fond of swilling a heady mixture of vodka and snark, and can usually be spotted muttering nonsense into a radio in a deceptively purposeful manner.


One night a year, this guy is not a jerk. You might get lucky, who knows?

Sir Bill

Sir Bill has been a Burner since 2006 when he spontaneously decided to attend Burning Man, back when you could buy a ticket at the gate.

Sir Bill enjoys being on the front lines of the action and avoids attempts to draw him into administrative structure after all he has enough of that in his busy real estate career in the default world.

It is said Sir Bill has been observed working in multiple departments and at multiple positions in those departments simultaneously.

Sir Bill has been a Black Rock Ranger since 2007 working as a Tow Truck Driver, Green Dot, Dirt Ranger, Sand Man and occasionally pulling a RNR (Rapid Night Response) shift.

Bill has been found working for the GPE department as a D Lot Lead, setting up lanes, working lanes, flagging at point for Exodus and working the perimeter thwarting the best efforts of would be gate crashers.

As a D Lot Shift Lead it’s all about problem solving. Whether it’s “the dog eat my ticket” or “don’t you know who I am” there is never a shortage or challenges as D Lot Shift Lead.

Wee Heavy

Wee Heavy joined PG&E in 2011, and worked strike last year. They have worked perimeter shifts, exodus and gate shifts but have spent most of their time in the lanes and D-lot. This will be Wee Heavy's fifth year volunteering with the org after a brief stint with census and a longer span in khaki they are glad to be home with us in the black.